DAF LF Euro 6 Exterior

The new LF is the calling card for every transport operator. It shares its stylish looks with the new CF and XF.


DAF LF Euro 6 Attractive design

Attractive design: sturdy yet friendly

Important for a truck that operates in city areas: a friendly appearance. The design of a distribution truck has to be sturdy as well. The DAF Design team combined both. The LF exterior however offers more than just a great look. It contributes to efficiency, uptime, comfort and safety.

The prominent upper and lower grille create a clear family resemblance with the CF and XF series. Above the chrome panel with DAF logo there is ample space for your company name.


DAF LF Euro 6 Three compact cab variants

DAF LF Euro 6 Day Cab.

Three compact cab variants

The new DAF LF series is available in three cab variants:

  • a day cab with a length of 160 cm
  • an extended day cab with a length of 200 cm
  • a single bed sleeper cab with a total length of 200 cm

The cabs have a compact width of 2,130 mm, which benefits the maneuverability in urban distribution, especially in combination with the small turning circle (wheel angle 50 to 53 °, depending on the cab variant).

Depending on the model and country specification, the cab is mounted on the chassis with flexible rubber V-mountings on the front and with coil springs with integrated shock absorbers at the rear or with coil springs on all four points. Coil springs are standard on versions with a sleeper cab, as well as the 18-tonne variant and various tractor models.

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