A relaxed driver is a better driver. This is why the interior of the new LF is of the same high quality as the XF flagship. The result: an optimal working environment for the driver. Thanks to the use of warm colours, every driver will feel immediately at home in the cab. The materials and fit and finish of the new interior are practical and easy to clean. As a result, the interior always looks fresh and well cared for.


DAF LF Multifunctional steering wheel

Get in and drive away

Thanks to the use of warm colours, every driver will feel immediately at home in the cab. The new DAF LF interior offers:

  • Fully adjustable seats for optimum and ease of use.
  • New dashboard with new easy-to-read instrument panel and bright colour display with DAF Driver Performance Assistant.
  • New multifunctional steering wheel with integrated controls
  • A heating and ventilation system with extra-large capacity for comfortable temperatures.

‚ÄčThe multifunctional steering wheel is fully adjustable and allows an unimpeded view of the completely new instrument panel.

Optimal accessibility

In distribution transport, the driver climbs in and out of the cab many times a day. Therefore, the new LF has optimum accessibility, thanks to doors that open wide (90 degrees), combined with practical courtesy lighting.

The heating and ventilation system has an extra large capacity. The interior therefore always quickly reaches a comfortable temperature.

For the lights LF models (with 17.5 inch wheels), the low floor height of 89 cm has been preserved. The heavier versions with 19.5 and 22.5 inch wheels have a floor height of 98 cm and 111 cm.

Many storage options

Especially in distribution transport, the driver needs many and practical storage options. Therefore, the new LF offers a spacious andlockable storage compartment on the engine tunnel with an additional option to store something on the lid.

In case the LF is equipped with an AS-Tronic automated gearbox there is an extra storage compartment available on the dashboard next to the driver for e.g. bills of lading and a notebook. Furthermore, there are storage compartments in the door panels, a storage net isapplied to the back wall of the cab and there are two storage compartments just above the windscreen.

Above the windscreen at the driver side four DIN slots are available for a.o. the digital tachograph - which is thereby easily accessible.The extended day cab and sleeper cab have also three additional lockable storage bins behind the seats as standard.

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